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Addressing the loss of my

Gmail account data...

Here is the gist on why I'm unable to respond to inquiries under my old e-mail address. Please read.

This all began one fateful night on October 26, 2022, when my PC was acting up out of nowhere, and it got worse to the point where every single part of it froze. I couldn't open any applications in the taskbar, I couldn't open Task Manager with the Ctrl+Alt+Delete shortcut, nothing worked. I've lost my patience, and decided to restart the PC, but the moment I did that, I have been greeted with an American Megatrends BIOS message saying: "Please back-up your data and replace your hard disk drive. A failure may be imminent and cause unpredictable fail." So I went into the BIOS utilities, and I noticed my SSD isn't located in the boot option priorities section, as well as the boot override - which the extremely disappointing news is that the drive's data could not be read when transferring them from the old hard drive to the new one. I couldn't find any option to back up my data in the orders of the boot message, which opens a huge can of worms. I tried to get past the self test for the hard drive, but I kept being greeted with the UEFI BIOS utility, which isn't letting me get back to what I was doing on the PC.

Then that's when I realized the data on the hard drive was nuked. So then Google Chrome was reinstalled during the refresh of my existing PC. I signed in to my Chrome account under an e-mail that I've owned for 8 years (and no, it's not relevant to the LyonsType identity), and I noticed all of my bookmarks and other data were still synced within the browser - but unfortunately, my profiles were wiped. So, I tried to set them up again, but when I tried to sign in to my original Gmail account for LyonsType, I unfortunately forgot the password for it... when I created the Gmail account, I was lazy and used Google's password suggestion tool, randomizing a password to fill the account details in - and I unfortunately did not save it in my private data. Big mistake. I tried to reset the password, and then I was greeted with this BS message from Google saying: "You didn't provide enough info for Google to be sure that this account is really yours. Google asks for this info to keep your account secure. If possible, try again and use a device on which you've signed in before."

Then I tried everything to recover the original Gmail account - and low and behold, nothing worked. For instance, I read and followed the steps from Google Help, didn't work. I watched several video tutorials and followed along with them, didn't work. I read one of the replies from the Google Help community experts, it's the same generic response that doesn't work for me. I created a thread on the Google Help community on how to recover the LyonsType Gmail account, no response after a month looking back now. Oh, and I also didn't set up a recovery e-mail for the LyonsType account, because I didn't know how to do it at the time - but now I know that I would use an alternate e-mail as a means to recover an account if there were suspicious and unfamiliar activity.

This became a situation of catch-22 for me, because I had an unpleasant suspicion that my customers and/or new contacts would be upset if they don't get a response from me under my old Gmail. Due to this deceiving experience, I'm no longer able to gather any data from my old Gmail account, nor respond to any inquiries. Although I do distribute my typefaces for personal/commercial use, so they usually go along with using them to suit their specific needs.

If you are subscribed to the newsletter on my old website, please unsubscribe to it and resubscribe to this website's newsletter the moment you visit it, because I feel like it is necessary to update my contacts with new font releases, blog posts, and so on. Once you are subscribed to the new site's newsletter, you will be notified for each and every update I effectuate. You can also see the website's update log on its bottom area.


From this point onwards, please direct your inquiries to, or if you're interested, my new Gmail account is I am in the studio every 24/7, and I will be checking every now and then to see if there are any new inquiries for me to respond.

Thank you for reading, and I hope you visitors understand all the distress I've had last month as of the time I'm writing this.

- Daniel Lyons
LyonsType. Typefaces with superior quality.

P.S. To keep your account and all your data secure, do NOT use a password suggestion when creating one or you might easily forget it, and most importantly, do NOT forget to write down your account's credentials - and please - keep them somewhere safe, on and off your device. Otherwise, you'll end up being in the same situation like I was in when the incident happened. Take that into consideration.

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