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Frequently Asked Questions

(Sometimes never asked.)

Original Fonts

Can I use your typefaces for commercial use?

Starting November 2023, my typefaces are licensed under the SIL Open Font License. The use of the OFL in the font's license agreement attracts attention to your commercial fonts, so if you plan to use one of my typefaces for commercial purposes, you're more than welcome to do so.

Why do you only design typefaces for free?

There are several reasons why.

1.) I figured that people will need to save their money if they plan to buy more goods from their personal favorite stores.

2.) I don't have an online bank account ready to use on my own due to the indefinite process of social security, so therefore, you can't pay me to use one of my typefaces for a common purpose.

3.) In addition to the above reason, I can't charge individuals to use my typefaces for whatever purpose they have until I have what it takes to do so. I'll let you know when all of it changes, and if it all goes well.

Custom Fonts

Where would my custom typeface be seen in my branding?

It depends on the inquiry of the font family, such as optical sizes, italics, weights, etc.

Can I use one of the custom fonts?

No, unless you work for one of the clients as a brand manager and the like. According to the text underneath the logos, the typefaces are only available to their clients with no outsiders.

Does custom typefaces apply to modifying existing typefaces from your library of fonts?

Of course. Regardless, either a bespoke typeface can be designed from scratch, or modified from an existing typeface from the foundry.

Logo Fonts

Can the logo fonts be used commercially?

No. There might be unspeakable consequences for using the logo fonts for commercial purposes. Logo fonts are designed for, and only for, personal use. In general, be very careful what you do with them. Period. 

Are you aware of the legal risks of making fonts out of wordmarks?

Of course. Wordmark fonts are only created for educational purposes and sometimes can help me originate ideas for one of my upcoming type design projects. When I create fonts out of noticeable logotypes, I'm heedful to a great extent that under no circumstance shall I make profit off of them.

Questions and answers may be subject to change.

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