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About LyonsType

LyonsType is a type design studio founded by Daniel Lyons on August 4, 2020, starting with the very first font named "Reponse" in the creation phase.

LyonsType offers a wide library of typefaces, with over 300+ font families, significantly including logo fonts, for people with a very grand dose of talent, expression, and creativity.  They are fully compatible with any document-oriented program. This includes projects centering around animation, brochures/flyers, events, and so much more that is impeccable for an individual.  LyonsType has also designed custom typefaces for several clients to express their brand identity and tone of voice.

As type design evolves on the behalf of LyonsType, it continues to improve with the help from the designer's font creating application and its built-in tools.  Even with the hefty work on typefaces behind the scenes, all of them from the LyonsType library are available for any purpose you intended, whether if it's personal use, commercial use, etc.  However, if the individual seeks to use typefaces for commercial use, they do not need to donate to the author (referring to you reading this).  It's understandable it sounds confusing, but that's how the practice goes at the moment.

Seeking to make your designs better? Then your best friend is LyonsType.

NOTE: All of LyonsType's social networks created under the Gmail service are no longer in operation due to a devastating loss of 50.5% of the user data. Learn more

Please direct your inquiries to any of the contact e-mails shown on the footer of the webpage.

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